We are still here….

…the ole girl isn’t ready to go yet! Not me – As the Crow Flies! I am more than ready as is Grant!! The engine is still out – while refurbishing the fuel injection pump Harry, our mechanic,2014-05-23 16.32.15found a broken part. Not so bad – except this part needed to be ordered and comes from England!! It should be in the end of this week and then Harry can put the whole engine back together.
In the meantime we have been busy every day. The decks are totally off and just waiting on some warm weather to secure them down. Mike has been AWESOME – he has taught and helped Grant fix up the scuppers so the water can escape.




We got the anti fouling painted on the bottom 006005
…funny the colour of blue matched the beer can exactly!! 008

Seems like it has been one thing after another – the fridge gave up on us – got a new one installed. The hot water tank was leaking – it was all rusted out on the bottom. 003
I got some staining done – window frames for the aft cabin and main head002004as well as my Christmas presents from Grant – a medicine cabinet and shelf for beside the bed005008

We got a custom made davit for the dinghy which Grant installed with great ease – it looks wonderful and will be great to transport our dinghy

I have been busy finishing up some bright work and if you will notice in the last shot – got my gardening done!
last but certainly not least – we got our wine all bagged up and found the perfect storage spot for it and easy to get at right under the dinner table seats!!! 001