My New Hairdresser!!

So tomorrow we move on to As the Crow Flies and begin the next chapter of our life!! One of my biggest concerns – not to mention what clothes I can fit on the boat – is that my hair grows very fast – needing a cut every 3 weeks.There is nothing in the world like a great hairdresser and a great husband!! I have been blessed with both! Muriel Meeks from A Cut Above – Charlotte Brown, gave my guy, Grant Crowson, a private lesson today! We shall be leaving soon to travel the Great Loop and it’s going to be tough to find a hair salon every 3 weeks. Muriel and I think Grant did a pretty fine job!! He now has his own razor!

Two More Days!!

Grant has to work today and tomorrow and then it’s official – he’s retired!! We are busy moving out of the cottage where we spent the winter – it is amazing how much stuff you accumulate in such a short time!
The engine was taken out to be rebuilt…
Chained-UpComing-Out (2)It's-Loose (2)Phewwww (2)
…and a good thing because they found a broken piston ring and the engine surely would of quit if we hadn’t of had it fixed! While we had the engine out – it gave us access to the transmission – figured why not get it looked at too – once again they found troubles here too – it was leaking internally! Boy – can you imagine having these troubles out on the water! Someone was looking out for us!
I closed my bead shop on April 15th – haven’t really stopped yet though – although the shop is totally cleared out20140426_103903
except for this lonely little bead!20140426_103931
So now it’s continuing to empty the cottage and the toughest thing to do now is to whittle down my clothes (and beading supplies! NOT!!) You know you won’t wear everything and there certainly isn’t room for everything – but how do you chose!?